#ReadICT Reading Challenge

Can you read a book a month?

photo of Suzanne Tobias
Wichita Eagle reporter Suzanne Tobias holds a book that could be read for category #1

The Wichita Public Library joins the Wichita Eagle and reporter Suzanne Tobias with a challenge for adults to read 12 books in 2019. To make it fun and a little bit challenging, Suzanne has created 12 different categories of books to read – and these categories might not be what you’d expect!

For help completing the challenge, try our book recommendations for these categories.

How it works

  • Open to those ages 18 and up
  • Any book, audiobook, or e-book will count
  • Register online through our reading program site
  • Log your reading progress by listing the title and category once you've completed a book
  • If you prefer, track the books you have read on a reading log you can print and then return the completed log to any Wichita Public Library location
  • Once you have read a book in each of the 12 categories, you will be eligible for a prize drawing


The categories can be read in any order. The 12 categories are:

  1. A book with a face on the cover
  2. A book in a genre you don't normally read
  3. A book that makes you LOL
  4. A book set where you were born
  5. A book that is a classic or retelling of a classic
  6. A book you have avoided or didn't finish
  1. A translated book
  2. An award winning book
  3. A book recommended by a child or teen
  4. A biography, autobiography, or a memoir
  5. A book with a character different than you
  6. A book by an author slated to visit Kansas in 2019

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We look forward to an exceptionally good year for readers in Wichita! Good luck, and may you enjoy many happy hours with a book!

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