Student E-card Partnership

with Wichita USD 259
A school in the Wichita Public Schools district

We are pleased to be part of the enrollment process at Wichita USD 259! Parents and guardians will have the ability to opt into an e-card for their middle and high school students either at enrollment or later in the school year.

What is an e-card?

An e-card is a type of library card that allows a person to access various digital services including e-books and databases. It does not include the ability to check out physical items like books and movies.

How do I know if a student has been opted into the e-card program?

  • Teachers can run a U-STU900 Enroll Report (set output to Excel). Look at the very last column in the report to see if the student's family opted in.
  • Families can log in through ParentVue to update their students' permissions. See this help article for information.

Students will retain their active e-cards until permission is removed by guardians or until the summer after the graduation date predicted at the time of their enrollment.

NOTE: Importing student permissions is a secure, manual process that will take time to complete. While you will not have immediate access to our resources after updating your permissions, it will happen quickly.

How can I access digital library materials from the Wichita Public Library?

You can log in using your student ID on the ClassLink Portal.

You can also use your student ID to sign into Wi-Fi or computers at Wichita Public Library locations, or to sign in directly to Libby (OverDrive) to check out e-books and e-audiobooks. When you open Libby for the first time, you may be offered the option to sign up for an instant digital card. Don't do this; instead, just enter your student ID when prompted to log in. Your student ID is both the username and password.

Does the student e-card include a physical library card?

The student e-card does not come with a printed library card. Students will use their student ID number to log in.

What can I access with my e-card?

I have a regular Wichita Public Library borrower's card that allows me to check out physical materials from the Library. Can I access all these things online or do I need an e-card, too?

Our borrower's card allows for complete digital access, too! There's no need to get an additional e-card unless you want to. (Note: only students may have both an e-card and borrower's card. Adults must choose one.)

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