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Board of Directors

Library Board President Kevin McWhorter

The Library Board of Directors is comprised of fourteen members appointed by the Wichita City Council. Members are appointed for two-year terms and may serve a total of eight consecutive years.

You may contact the Board:

Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings are held at noon on the third Tuesday of each month at the Advanced Learning Library.

To request a space in an upcoming Board of Directors meeting, fill out the Public Agenda Request Form and submit to the Director of Libraries. There are five public agenda spots available per board meeting.

Most Recent Agenda Packet: October 20, 2020 Meeting

Upcoming Board Meetings

  • Tuesday, November 17, Noon
  • Tuesday, December 15, Noon

Officers of the Library Board of Directors

Kevin McWhorter photograph
Kevin McWhorter
District IV Appointee
  • A. Lamont Anderson, Sr. photograph
    A. Lamont Anderson, Sr.
    First Vice President
    District I Appointee
  • TaDonne Neal photograph
    TaDonne Neal
    Second Vice President
    District I Appointee
  • Jonathan Winkler photograph
    Jonathan Winkler
    District VI Appointee
  • Jennifer Goheen photograph
    Jennifer Goheen
    District VI Appointee

Other Members

  • Abi Boatman photograph
    Abi Boatman
    Mayoral Appointee
  • Erinn Bock photograph
    Erinn Bock
    District V Appointee
  • Donna Douglas photograph
    Donna Douglas
    District II Appointee
  • Dr. Justin Henry photograph
    Dr. Justin Henry
    District IV Appointee
  • Lauren Hirsh photograph
    Lauren Hirsh
    District III Appointee
  • Randall Johnston photograph
    Randall Johnston
    District V Appointee
  • Shannon Littlejohn photograph
    Shannon Littlejohn
    Mayoral Appointee
  • Shelby Petersen photograph
    Shelby Petersen
    District III Appointee
  • Chuck Schmidt photograph
    Chuck Schmidt
    District II Appointee

Previous Meeting Materials

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