Speakers Bureau

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​Let our staff present one of these free programs for your organization, club meeting, conference, book discussion group, or community event. Contact Julie Sherwood, Program & Outreach Manager, at (316) 261-8590 for booking information.

Adult Books & Readings

  • Book Club Concierge
    Want to start a book club? Already in a book club, but need a boost on how to make it better? The Library can help you get books, get your club started or bring life to the conversation! The Library has many resources and great facilitators who can help. (30-60 minutes)
  • Book Reviews
    Library staff members are avid readers who enjoy telling others about great books they have read. Book reviewers are available to discuss a wide range of literature, from mysteries to bestsellers, nonfiction to classics. Program length can be adjusted to fit your schedule.
  • Let’s Talk Mysteries
    Looking for a good mystery? We'll explore different mystery styles and offer tips for finding a good mystery to read in this brief overview. This session will provide lots of ideas and booktalks, including some of the hottest new titles. (60-90 minutes)

Children's Literature

  • Booktalks for Students
    Want to motivate your students with great reading suggestions? Library staff are available to booktalk recent releases and personal favorites. This session may be offered in conjunction with a school book fair. Program can be adjusted for various age groupings and program lengths.

Early Literacy

  • The Importance of Reading Aloud to Your Preschooler
    The most consistent indicator of school success is the early and frequent introduction of books and reading in a child’s life. Learn tips, techniques and sure-fire winners for getting preschoolers off to a good start. (60 minutes)
  • Six Early Literacy Skills by Age 6: Helping Children Learn to Love Reading
    Children’s minds get ready to read long before they start school. Learn about the six literacy skills children need to acquire before they are six, and the fun ways you can help children get ready to read. We will discuss some of the best books and activities to engage children’s minds and encourage a love of literacy. This course has been approved by KDHE for in-service hours. (1-2 hours)

General Library Information

  • A General Introduction to the Wichita Public Library
    The presentation will vary according to your group's request and/or current Library events. (30-60 minutes)
  • Supporting Your Library: 5 Easy Lessons
    The presentation will vary according to your group's request and area of interest: topics may include estate and planned giving, establishment of memorials, and creative ways to donate. Presentation is not intended to offer legal or tax advice.
    (30-60 minutes)
  • A Well-Kept Secret: The Wichita Public Library Foundation
    The presentation is an informative introduction to the Wichita Public Library Foundation with a 23-year history of Library support. (30-60 minutes)
  • Wichita Advanced Learning Library
    A new Central Library was created with community input to better serve the needs of Wichitans. Learn more about the special features and service enhancements that have made the new location a stellar attraction for reading, research, exploratory learning, and collaboration. This presentation can be adapted to fit your group’s special emphasis (i.e. children, business, etc.) and program length.

Library Collections & Resources

  • Automotive Resources
    Learn about the extensive automotive repair manuals, NADA price guides, and reference materials for everything automotive. (30-60 minutes)
  • Investment/Personal Finance Resources
    Learn about investment/personal finance resources available at the library for saving, debt reduction, taxes, and investment. (30-60 minutes)
  • Using Your Library Without Leaving Home
    Learn how to access and use library services, including reference resources, reading suggestions, and help from staff via the internet. Whether you're an online pro or still learning the Web, you'll discover new resources from your library! Customizable to your group’s needs. (30-90 minutes, depending on internet availability)
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